April 20, 2005


Went down to a hustings in Bethnal Green today to see what all the fuss was about. I arrived at the end of an obvious fracass by the front door. My mate from the F.I.T. (Forward Intelligence) squad was there enthusiastically photographing as usual. I was a bit disapointed that he didn't recognise me or take my photo this time.

George Galloway had appeared in the London Evening Standard last night claiming to have been attacked by extremist Muslims. The same group apparently pelted his very beautiful rival Ooooooona at a Jewish memorial service and slashed her car's tyres.

Now if I was a voter in Bethnal Green I don't know who I'd go for. I fucking hate Galloway, but agree with most of what he says. I hate him because of his "indefatigable" comments about Saddam Hussain. I wouldn't trust him further than I could throw him. I get the feeling that he's a sun-tanned, opportunist, self publicising cunt who is trying his hardest to turn the genuine anti war feeling in this country into a personal "vote for me" campaign and all the "Stop the War" sheep are letting him get away with it.

I'd vote for Oooooona if she sat on top of me and ordered me to personaly because she is sexy, but (seriously now) I can understand the very angry Muslims who are calling her a hypocrite because she voted in favour of the war on Iraq.

No, I may still occasionaly exhibit political streaks but I'm afraid that I still haven't heard anything which would encourage me to vote. Even though the evil Michael Howard was personally involved in most of my political nightmares as I grew up I can't get into this "vote for the least worst candidate" shit either.

Fuck the lot of them. Personal evolution now.

Global, individual responsibility or we are all fucked. Thats my opinion anyway.

The hustings was funny though. Most people there were for Galloway or Oooooona who's supporter's cheered their own or booed each others candidate with great enthusiasm everytime they got up to speak. The Conservative candidate was only clapped by one person out of the 600 in the building whenever he got up to the podium. He had the good grace to joke about this, saying he hoped the lone voice would turn into thousands by May the 5th. He had to duck as a rather dirty blue prehistoric pig suddenly materialised and flew over his head and out into the audience.

My personal favourite was the Liberal guy. I haven't heard anyone speak like this since they locked Mr. Hamza up. He started angry and got louder and louder as he got into his stride. How come none of the right-wing papers have noticed him? I feel like writing to the Sun:

Guys! Help! He's a Muslim and he's shouting! That makes him an extremist no? You have to strain to understand what he's talking about but he sounds angry! Are there any more Liberal extremists lurking behind that bland, orange facade? Shouldn't you be looking into this?

When it came to his turn to answer questions almost everyone around me descended into riotous laughter. It was worth going just for him. It was also worth going for someone I bumped into outside. I followed perma-tan shitwit Galloway outside as reporters crowded him. If I had my camera with me I'd have asked about his "indefatigable" comments. I bit my tongue but was glad that someone else didn't.

A guy was challenging him over his calls for the release of Saddam's buddy Tariq Aziz. Galloway refused to answer and moved himself away. What do you think when politicians do this? Something to hide?

I spoke to the guy (Johann) afterwards who told me that Tariq Aziz was responsible for more Muslim deaths than Ariel Sharon- and Galloway had been on holiday with him six times.

Johann's website is really interesting. If we were more informed, less confused and not blatant drug abusers Socialistwanker would be more like this. He's also written a book about what a bunch of bastid's our Royal family are. I'm sure I agree with every word and I haven't even read it yet.

All in all a fun day out. If elections and electioneering are like watching paint dry everywhere else in the country it's definately kicking off in Bethnal Green.


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