July 01, 2005


So what the fuck was that? What sort of fucking filthy message does that put out to society? I’d rather have my children watch “The 1000 greatest moments of TV profanity” than be indoctrinated by any of this TV filth. What am I talking about?

“The apprentice” is a reality TV series where a group of business people try to arse lick and back bite their way through stupid tasks to try and not get fired by Donald Trump. Last night they had to invent an ice cream flavour and sell it to people on the streets of Time square in New York. Proper middle school stuff. I wasn’t actually watching the program, I just happened to be lying down, too stoned to switch the fucking thing off when it started.

I managed to open my eyes occasionally to catch the dramatic boardroom conclusion where Mr. Trump managed to play the four people he had the choice of sacking like a fucking squeezebox for at least ten minutes before making his choice. What a bunch of soul-less fucking muppets. What a terrifying program to be too paralysed by skunk to switch off.

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