November 10, 2005


Whilst taking on Big Dog (and every other US bloggers) attempts to link the current French Revolution to the concept of Islamic terror fate has taken this opportunity to highlight a comment from Big Dog I had missed about Rave legislation in the US.

Instapundit - far from a leftwing blogger - sums up what little can be found from reputable sources on the web: a link that you might want to follow would be to FoxNews,2933,58663,00.html which criticizes law enforcement's attitude toward Raves.

cheers BigDog.


Bravo 2-1 said...

When I first heard about the France riots, I did not want to touch them with a ten foot stick. Put "Islam", "poor", and "France" in a grab bag and America will get very silly.

DAVE BONES said...

hilarious innit.

BigDog said...

There is nothing funny about this, imo.

Katrina was a natural disaster which covered a land area larger than the Britain. Turns out all those histerical news reports about murders, rapes and even caniblism were nonsense from an overheated news medea.

Is an overheated news medea partially an issue in the French riots? Of course. the Rioters are conveniently igniting cars so that it can be captured on film by news cameras. The Frenech riots are a new "Pallywood"


DAVE BONES said...

I don't think the French kids are conveniently torching cars for the media any more than I think most of the violence against Palistinians is staged. Interesting movie tho.