April 12, 2006


Following everyones helpful links into Gnosticism I found this great definition of Docetism.

This... is rooted in the idea that a divine spark is imprisoned within the material body and that the material body is in itself an obstacle, deliberately created by an evil lesser god (the demiurge) for this purpose, that prevents man from seeing his divine origin. Humanity is, in essence, asleep.

This resonates with Buddhism and Hinduism, especially Hare Krishna philosophy of denying pleasure in this life for the reward of not having to be incarnated again. My second ever girlfriend left me to join the Hare Krishnas. Being 19 I related it all to sex. I thought that either I was so unbelievably good that she couldn't stand the idea of someone else and had to give up for ever, or I was so bad that she couldn't stand the idea...

I think she was going through some sort of breakdown. She was one of my favourite ever partners sexually but when we were out with a group of more than 3 or 4 she often cried for no apparent reason. I think she is still with the Krishnas. She came to visit me a year after we split up and she had changed shape completely, was really unhealthy looking and had boyish sandy hair. When it became obvious I wasn't about to "krishna-ise" she left.

On the subject of "man not seeing his divine purpose" I was pointed to David Icke's online TV site. Some of Abu Hamza's friends were into Ickeian stuff- except for the Lizards of course. The lizards was the point I tuned in on. Icke was saying that if we challenged our belief systems we would see these "shapeshifters".

The Reptilian side of our brain was our "cold-heartedness" and explained how Blair and Bush could cluster bomb children. Ancient texts Icke had read had pointed towards Royal bloodlines being Reptilian and Alien. A close confidant of Princess Diana said that she referred to Charlies family as "The Reptiles". Apparently Reptiles are in charge- almost. They need a one world government to take over.

Icke put up a photo of Blair which did look a bit Reptilian and everyone clapped. He spoke of a woman who said that a guy she was boning shapeshifted briefly into a black reptile with a tail. She chucked him off and he ran away.

You can see David Icke talking about all this in Brixton- for 25 quid a ticket. That is 5 quid more than Killing Joke, and he's not even going to play anything from the old days.


Indigobusiness said...

Yeah, David Icke sounds crazy, til you realize he's right.

DAVE BONES said...

you into the lizard theory? I wouldn't give him 25 quid to find out.

Indigobusiness said...

That part worried me some, but I think I saw Bush catch a fly with his tongue at the last press conference.

Indigobusiness said...

Icke's latest jag is ayahuasca. He recently went to Brazil and talked to God. About shapeshifting lizardmen, probably.

I'd give him 25 quid if he'd introduce me to God.

Indigobusiness said...

Hey Bones, check this out from Daily Kos.

Supposedly some incredible inside WH dirt, from a seemingly credible source. Who knows? It even hints at the lizard theory:

The FBI is full of the stupidest, most moronic rejects from society, and they only ever get anything done because they're so massive. They're either idiot aggrandized cops or corrupt political appointees, or they're ancient and awesome. The latter is a dying breed.

Most of the goons hanging around the white house in various staff positions try to be funny, but are too indoctrinated, stupid, or submerged in their particular brand of administrative culture to make jokes which are sensible to me.

As for gallows humor like joking horribly about the current political snap, it depends on the man. Rumsfeld will crack jokes about electrodes and testicals, and exclaim about horrendous things, but this is mostly because he does a lot of contemplation outloud in his loud, squeaky, unnerving thinking-voice, and he contemplates a lot of horrendous things. He doesn't joke with people much because it hurts him to laugh. Wolfowitz makes no jokes that I have seen, the closest he has gone is subtle, straight faced statements of irony at which he does not laugh. He kind of smiles very slightly and has a quizzical expression after issuing these statements, which is the only hint that he's trying to be funny. Cheney, I think, has some kind of reptile brain that operates on a level of humor which is so basic and ponderous that sometimes his jokes sound like regular (or particularly stupid) comments, and slip under everyone's radar. There are certain types of humor that takes several levels of comprehension to understand; Cheney has not expressed any facility in this. His gags are base humor, and usually made at incredibly inappropriate times too, like making a finger fucking gesture when he really should NOT be making a finger fucking gesture.

Cheney's jokes are like your father or mother, who is not funny or with it, trying to make a joke.

DAVE BONES said...

they are bloody reptile shapeshifters! what can we do?

Indigobusiness said...

Hopefully, they will eat their own.