May 25, 2006


Nightclub plot described

It has been a difficult trial to follow. The defendants are seven young
British men of Pakistani-origin, and the allegations are myriad but one
centre piece has been a plot to use ammonium nitrate to blow up a London
nightclub, the Ministry of Sound.

Other alleged potential bombing targets were the Bluewater shopping
centre and trains. The court has heard that an elaborate surveillance
operation tracked the alleged terror cell for months, bugging cars and
houses resulting in thousands of hours of audio tapes, and also CCTV

Today for the first time, pictures of the defendants have been released
and the jury also today heard a surveillance tape purporting to be that
of the plotters talking about potential targets, and the consequences
of blowing the club up.

"We won’t be blamed for killing innocent people, those slags dancing
around", one of the men on the tape is heard saying. "Blow the whole
thing up" and another chimes in: "That’s what I am saying."

The details are chilling, the prosecution is alleging that the people
on trial are part of a significant British terror cell. We have the full
story tonight at seven.


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