May 06, 2006

Killing Joke live

Well Killing Joke weren't like I remembered late 80s. They didn't play this track, but played an interesting remix with a girl singing after. They didn't play much that I knew at all and under the influence of magic mushrooms it was very wierd standing in between huge bald headed guys dressed in black. Very weird being at a gig at all.

I was too frightened of the mad mosh pit until the end when a body came flying out for everyone to part and make sure the guy was back on his feet. Controlled violence. Very interesting. Must have been very important in the eighties for people like this. On the bus I blew it with an amazingly beautiful girl who was dying for me to speak to her. I let her fo without saying a word. Its not the first time this has happened on mushrooms, I must have been giving out a glow. I'm still in bits now to be honest. I thought knocking the ganj on the head would sort all this out.Ah well, I'm starting to believe in love again which is good at my age.

Killing Jokes MySpace with 3 tracks

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