May 05, 2006

What does this say?

I set my first ever Tarot with playing cards out in the wineglass shape. What does this say?

CARD ONE: The situation at hand. This card can be used to identify the situation, pin point the actual cause or identify the main participant.
3 of hearts:An unwise decision, made in haste and without proper background information.

CARD TWO: This card represents a past problem or situation which is related to the matter at hand.
King of clubs:Represents a very good friend. A lifelong companion, someone who can be trusted and counted on during times of need and sorrow.

CARD THREE: This card forewarns of a problem that can be expected to arise as a direct result of this present situation.
8 of hearts:An event, a celebration, a party/bash..etc. Some sort of ceremony that is already in the works..or is being planned.

CARD FOUR: This card along with (CARD FIVE) represents the past experiences that have caused this situation to come about.
9 of diamonds:Adventure: A move in the hopes of advancement.

CARD FIVE: (see above)
7 of hearts:A card of disappointment. Usually indicates a partner or other person failing to keep their promises. If this card comes up when dealing with some sort of plan, expect that the other person will back out.

CARD SIX: This is what should have been done, or what might have prevented the situation. It’s an important aspect because ,often, there is still time to rectify the situation or follow some of the advice now.
2 of diamonds:A serious love affair, resulting in a marriage or interfering with one depending on surrounding cards.

CARD SEVEN: Used to further identify situation in (CARD SIX)
Queen of hearts: A trusted woman. Someone knowledgeable and faithful. One who always plays fair.

CARD EIGHT: This card along with (CARD NINE), represents the final outcome. Card eight is the outcome without intervention. (No change of plans, nothing out of the ordinary, no extra effort)
3 of clubs:A sign of a second marriage or even a third. Or an engagement with someone, then a marriage with another, after a friendly separation.

CARD NINE: This is the outcome if you get some help from others, or make some changes in your plans, look at all of the other cards to help guide your decision.
4 of hearts:The bachelor or old maid card. This card represent someone who is too fussy in their selection of a partner. Someone who, by their picky nature, is destined to remain alone.


boudica of suburbia said...

It's good that you've written them down. A friend and I used to do tarot every six months, write it down and review our lists at a later date. Sad but constructive lol

DAVE BONES said...

I thought you were going to put your gypsy scarf and some deep red lipstick on and translate all this for me.

Indigobusiness said...

It means there are painful doctor's office visits in your future, for multiple injections of chilled antibiotics.

I've seen this before.

DAVE BONES said...

do they serve antibiotics chilled these days?

Indigobusiness said...

Only the organic painful ones.