May 19, 2006

Human rights groups are raising alarms over a new law passed by the Iranian parliament that would require the country's Jews and Christians to wear coloured badges to identify them and other religious minorities as non-Muslims.

"This is reminiscent of the Holocaust," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. "Iran is moving closer and closer to the ideology of the Nazis."

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Bill Nilsson said...

War propaganda it seems. See

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper was quick to condemn Iran on Friday for an anti-Semitic law that appears not to exist. (...) [W]estern journalists based in Iran told their Canadian colleagues that they were unaware of any such law. And Iranian politicians - including a Jewish legislator in Tehran - were infuriated by the Post report, which they called false. Politician Morris Motamed, one of about 25,000 Jews who live in Iran, called the report a slap in the face to his minority community. "Such a plan has never been proposed or discussed in parliament," Motamed told the Associated Press."