May 20, 2006

islamicrevolution (1 week ago)

He will be missed, may Allah be pleased with him and may he be an inspiration to others.
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MaccusGermanis (1 week ago)

good riddance!
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mag0070 (1 week ago)

RIP Khattab REST IN PEICES. I hope all you fucks rot like his corpse does.
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dicksucker79 (1 week ago)

chechnya you know what the war started because CHECHNYA REBELS STARTED IT are you people retarded did you see that beard lol there will never be a one ruler one religion thing to many people so whats next for you wanna be armys your gonna say well its ok to uhh destroy earth is it not i can find a verse in the quaran to prove it nah nah nah nah o boy why dont you and the other wanna be nations outcast go to a island and die and leave the ruleing of the world to russia and usa ?
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homeostatic (1 week ago)

Preceding their defeat, National Socialism was the religion of millions across central Europe. It took us killing or maiming nearly every able-bodied fighting man in their society plus PURPOSELY killing nearly 1 million civilians to crush their undemocratic faith. Doubt not that if it becomes necessary, we will do the very same to you. If you continue to push us, you Islamo-fascists will bring total destruction upon your traditions... both the beautiful and the backwards.
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Lomitza (5 days ago)

This video is terrorist propaganda. Since when are they freedom fighters, since when are they in the right. Russia is trying to help Chechnya to get back on it's feet. Rather than having a shithole where drugs, armed criminal gangs and total chaos rule the country. So to hell with all you PIGS that support the REBELS. They are all burning in eternal fires of hell, subject to unimaginable pain and suffering for their part in Murdering innocent people. Russia is totally in the right.
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Neddhartha (5 days ago)

Screw the "freedom fighters" - fighting for a sadistic devil-god like Allah. Corpse chewing faggots. Go to hell!

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