May 08, 2006


The evil Dave in Texas has finally got a blog. He's one of those bastid Republicans so go give him some shit here.

Also check out Uncle Jimbo's videoblogs including a great interview with the perma-tan absentee-MP, Galloway himself! (parts2-4 on Uncle Jimbos Youtube page)


Uncle Jimbo said...

Interesting stuff Mr. Dave,

I think my favorite was asking him about disco dancing with Tariq Aziz. I'll keep an eye on your place, looks interesting.

Markos of Daily Kos is in my town on Thursday and you can bet I'll be there to front that human wanking device out.


Uncle J

DAVE BONES said...

I don't read Kos but I notice it gets repubs into a lather. If you ned a T-Shirt for round 2 with Galloway.. also do check out my videobloging attempts on my sidebar. They are a bit old now but I'd be interested in your opinions

BigDog said...

Kos is crazy funny.