May 18, 2006


I was going to tell you about my attempts to force destiny to make lighting strike twice in the same place but its too depressing. I was going to tell you how I fought against an urge to have a look at this trial for a couple of months and lost but I can't explain myself without commiting contempt of court. Surfice to say that the experience shit me up for exactly the reason I feared it would.

Anyway, watched United 93. Good film. Too soon? On time? Late? Don't know. Whats wrong with it? Good film.

Also watched a "Sarf London" gangster film. OK. If you want the UK to be American Ghetto styley. Obviously a lot of people do. Quite artistic use of sound. Stylised brutality. Usual crop of typecast British actors.

I've also got half way through this Illuminazi thing. I try not to watch these conspiracy things cos I know they'll send me off on one. This one has done it already. I've got to give up and go outside. How come I didn't know that in the fucking US congress building there is a fasese either side of the American flag ? We are all fucked aren't we? No really. We are.


I.:.S.:. said...


The Roman Empire (original version) -> countless dynasties trying to claim lineage from the Roman Imperators, culminating in the Holy Roman Empire (which was German) -> the British Empire (straight outta Rome: divide et impera, and let the natives join the Commonwealth and get on with their thing, as long as they pay the King his taxes) -> the American Empire -> ???

Indigobusiness said...

i.:.s.:. You seem to make a jejune habit of missing the point.