October 29, 2007


I arrived at court late this morning to be told the public gallery was still closed, as this undercover guy, Dawood would still be giving evidence. I waited to see if the judge would let me in behind the witness box. Pretty soon the court emptied of journalists on mobile phones ringing their news desks.

Apparently both defence and prosecution had complained about bias and fabrication in news articles over the weekend.

In this blog I try not to complain about press or broadcasters or Police for that matter unless absolutely necessary. When Atilla's wife calls me about misrepresentations I told her the press were just informing the public about the case the prosecution were making. My opinions about the continuing coverage? Its written by people who want these people to be guilty. I don't assume skulduggery or conspiracy. It just looks like a better story.

When everyone was let back in I managed to get in myself past the reluctant security guard to find that the court had been phoned by a concerned member of the public with news of a jury member blabbing at length in some hair salon. Rather than suspend the whole process the judge called them in and delivered another strongly worded bollocking to the jury one of whom was obviously red faced, though from my seat I couldn't see them.

He also spoke to them about the difference between what they heard in the court room and what they might have read in the papers.

"I can see a couple of heads nodding..."

It just remains for me, in this spirit of reprimands to deliver a bollocking to anyone who might be reading this. You've been fucking told. Alright?

In the afternoon instead of Dawood we got some forensic computer geek giving evidence about wmv's and pdf's. No one gave him a bollocking though. The Policeman in charge of transcripts asked me how my website was going.

At least someone is reading I suppose...:-)


African neocon said...

Keeping within the spirit of "bollocking" I must confess that I'm a bit disappointed that you haven't put anything ‘juicy’ on the site today. And to think that I've been clicking onto your site every couple of hours in anticipation of perusing some insightful update re Osama Bin London et al, I now have to contend with reading mundane stuff re someone mouthing off in a salon. At this rate I might just decide to come down myself to watch the trial (and wave a big hello cum you’re not really missed in the park to Mohammed Hamid).

No doubt the ‘regulars’ (who are pro-Mohammed Hamid) at Speakers’ Corner will pick up on the bias in the media as another reason why he won’t get a fair trial (given that they must be disappointed to learn that Mohammed Hamid et al didn’t just go on a paintballing trip but on other trips which were more to do with ‘Jihadi training’).

When are we likely to read something ‘juicy’? You can do ‘juicy’ can’t you?

DAVE BONES said...

You're telling me mate. We was fucking robbed today. I was disgusted.

DAVE BONES said...

Dawood continues tommorow. 10.30 Don't be late or you won't get in.

DAVE BONES said...

Oh and do say hi to Rightwingsparkle