October 01, 2007

Why do bloggers always post pictures of their fucking cats?

to: mice@kitchen.com
I am the knife and I am a pathological killer. I will kill you. Be very afraid.

What is it about intellectuals? Or is it me? I've watched Noam Chomskys Manufacturing Consent, and its all very well, I suppose. I agreed with his conclusions before I watched his movie, but really this guy seems like hes in his own garden of definitions just as much as he's accusing "the manufacturers" of cooking up definitions for us. I finally watched Richard Dawkins God Delusion and Virus of Faith and he's the same. I mean what is he doing really?

Walks up to a rabbi, camp voice says "There ithz no God Mr. Wabbi. You are wong."

I mean, I could do that.

Also: Type in Abu Hamza for an image search, up comes a picture of me from someone at Getty Images. Great shot no? I look really dynamic.

Says: Unknown supporters of Abu Hamza Al-Masari exit Belmarsh Magistrates court.

Now, hang on a fucking second....


Twit said...

The Striding Journo..

Complete with jazz-fusion pants!

Very nice ¦:¬]

DAVE BONES said...

Totally "in step" with "them" no?

DAVE BONES said...

maybe I should start a Jazz Fusion jihad! any takers?