October 30, 2007



Dawoods tapes are much better. Very posh voice. Quite camp.

"I thought he was a pooftah" said Hajj when he came up in conversation recently.

Much easier to hear in the courtroom than through the PA in the public gallery anyway. Atilla is really going on about the same stuff he used to shout about on the street. Its mainly him and Hamid doing the talking. Both build up to maxi decibel shouting, everyone must have been sitting well back. Atilla says that there should be a half hour reading of the Koran during which everyone should be silent. he says that if people don't agree with this he wouldn't come to the meeting anymore.

Lots of stuff about Muslims not making the effort, Muslims saying that Abu Katadah, Hamza et al were bad Muslims, Muslims who aren't up for sleeping in ditches cos they missed their wives- oh and Atilla says that whilst on holiday he found oil on his land in Cyprus.

In the many short breaks today I started reading Will Self's Great Apes. I think I'm going to give up though. What is it about scag heads and long complicated words? I don't get it.


African neocon said...

I never took Mohammed Hamid to be a footy fan and neither Can I imagine him supporting Millwall. Maybe in his warp delusional way he was planning on setting up Jihadi FC re the playing in the conference league. No better place to train than New Forest.

Must say, this post of yours is much juicer than yesterdays (it really tanked!).

DAVE BONES said...

The whole thing is tanking mate. You should try sitting through it.

Have you dropped in on Sparkle yet? She has a very interesting tale of growing up in the racist South of the US.

African neocon said...

I guess I might just have to do it soon.

I checked out sparkles blog...interesting.