October 03, 2007


OK, clicking through I've found a site which appears to have a newish message from Omar Bakri I was unaware of which features Abu Abdullah and Hamza. Connected is what appears to be a UK based blog. I don't know these people, I contacted IslamBase when they first started featuring my videos but got no reply.

I was watching it to see if the faces of those arrested with Abdullah were going to appear as I'm still not sure which faces, I have presumably met to put the names to. I'm featuring this video, but I'm not supporting it- catch my drift?

Appearing on Getty Images as "the unknown supporter" (maybe there'll be a statue one day?) has shit me up a bit to be honest, I'm hoping its an accident and they overlooked THE FUCKING RING THROUGH THE NOSE but maybe to make clear about things I ought to take the time to explain myself.

When I first started painting psychedelic images, I was overjoyed to find that I had my "own way" of realising an image on canvas if you get my meaning. During my erratic experiments in Finsbury park I sort of found "my own way" of film making, which so far financially has drawn a big zero, so in conventional terms of "success" I'm not a film maker am I?

Maybe if I'd tried very hard to get in Islamists confidence, and then tried to expose them I'd have got "somewhere" quicker. You think?

Anyway I'm here and over the years if there has been one thing which has unified my approach to filming people is that I just try and let people talk. Tell me their truth, if you get my meaning. I want to edit it so as they would say-

"I am happy that is a true representation of what I told you"

- whoever they are.

I'm upfront about whatever situational and experiential bias I might have. I realise we all come from different sides to "this". I am very much motivated by a desire for these different sides to meet each other, and to stay in contact, which is why I appreciate Uncle Jimbo's filmed liasons with his local "looney left". I think if Jimbo and these guys are recognising each other, and communicating it has to be a good thing no?

I feature Jimbo's stuff, I feature Jihadi video's. I don't support either. Over the years in Finsbury park I tried to report what Hamza and Abdullah etc were saying, we conversed with a camera running. A lot of things I would support them on, in general I tried to keep to those subjects, as there was really no point in falling out with them without a TV deal, or at least a more realistic prospect of making a "proper film", whatever that is.

I would think it was obvious that there are a few things I wouldn't support them on. At the time, I thought it was really important that they were preaching against terrorist acts in this country time and time again on the street. Pre 7/7 I thought this was important for, I don't know, maybe MUSLIMS to be hearing. Selfish? Maybe. Ask Rachel.

I don't really challenge people with a camera, I try to absorb. I'm in a situation where I can leave being confrontational to the experts, so thats what I've done. I tried the same thing with the National Front to test my theories. Now this theory testing has put me in a position where I may not be making money from all this, but my videos are, for my good graces being featured by online communities of National Front supporters and Islamic "Fundamentalists".

Now I haven't had any contact with either, and I don't think either group would support me. Neither would I support them. The only Islamists I have ever felt any "support" from as a film maker were Hajj, Abdullah, Jamal (who wouldn't appear on camera) and Mr Dumplings, all of whom, though they weren't allowed to have "friends amongst the kaffir" nevertheless seemed to have built up a level of trust with me. Abdullah's in jail. Jamal is in jail. Dumplings has been in and come out of jail, Hajj is round the corner.

As I've said before, I'm out of this now. Its not that I don't give a shit anymore, I just concentrate on playing guitar and try not to upset myself.

So who is supporting who? Am I for Israel or Palestine? Bush or Bin Laden? Tory or Labour? Red or White? Us or Them?

To be honest I'm continually overwhelmed by the sheer luck of living in a situation where I can speak without fear. I think those of us who have this precious opportunity should use it to try and sort it for the rest.

Is that possible? I don't know. Why are we here?


Indigobusiness said...

Us or Them is the problem.

Think on that.

DAVE BONES said...

How you doin bro. Long time.

Indigobusiness said...

I've missed you terribly.