October 23, 2007


Just got this

Neither Musa, nor Atillas wife have spoken out in the media before. All this serious journalism about Atilla and they decide to comment on an article called "Pole vaulting for Allah." They are nuts. Both of them.

Atilla Ahmet's wife and brother speak out on Anorak (?) of all places. I'll put up the full text:

  1. umm Says:

    The papers have all got it wrong,lies and more lies,I was there at the time of the made up song and and it wasnt like that at all,we were camping with our familys not with young men, or children and Atilla said to his friend in the camping grounds “ere i bet the trees are bugged and as a sarcatstic joke he made up a silly song as a wind up,but little did we know an undercover was recording.Atilla only ever went camping with his family so the papers should thire facts right.

  2. 4
    umm Says:

    Also the reason he pleaded guilty was because he felt he wasnt going to get a fair trial,with the way the media demonized him,obviously he cant defend himself in court now,theres always 2 sides to a story. The cps have stitched him up and lied and theyre allowed to get away with it,and all the papers do is take what they say and add to it and twist the story so it looks like they are right.Had the cps played the recording of the song in court the jury would have heard he was messing around,but they read it out instead.

  3. 5
    musa ahmet Says:

    i am the elder brother of atilla ahmet, i was with him on the 1st of september 06 outside the bridge to chinatown restaurant, i was also arrested and spent 8 months in prison, the terrorist charges was dropped ,to justify 8months of being in prison, the cops(pigs)still took me to the old bailey to face a charge under the firearms act, i was found NOT GUILTY august of this year 2007,the press lied about my case, especially the BBC, i would not spit on the media as my spit would become contaminated, thats how filthy they are,and now more and more lies about my brother atilla, you are not satisfied that my brother has pleaded guilty even though he is not guilty, when will the lies stop,when will the media tell the truth,the answer, NEVER NEVER NEVER..


African neocon said...

Umm! This is interesting. The pro-Atilla camp at Speakers’ Corner last Sunday were pursuing this angle that Atilla just pleaded guilty for guilt’s sake knowing that he wouldn’t get a fair trial. Somehow, I don’t buy this argument given the potential sentence he could be given why would he be prepared to martyr himself to British justice? I guess we must wait for the evidence to come out?

DAVE BONES said...

Thats the most interesting thing- and the strangest from my angle. Its not going to come out. He pleaded guilty.

I'll get down Sunday with my camera. Look out for me I've got strange things in my earlobes.

Do check my film from speakers corner.

I love it down there.

African neocon said...

Hello Dave,

I'm guessing you've already been privy to the mobile phone footage of Mohammed Hamid et al 'training' in New Forest (that has been aired on BBC and on the beeb's website?

I'd be interested you read your views.

African Neocon