October 23, 2007


Managed a couple of hours of garbled tapes this morning. They had stepped up security considerably with armed Police just inside the entrance and another check by the public gallery entrance. Maybe a more serious terrorist case was going on next door in Court 2? Don't know.

Mr. Defence cross examined the guy who made the transcripts about Hamid's referral to the "Magnificent 15" as it had been suggested that he was referring to the 9/11 hijackers. The prosecution stood and said that was no longer the case.

So much for all this.

He also said that whilst he was not acting for Atilla Ahmet, it could be said that he was upset about being called "Al-Qaeda's No 1 in Europe" not boasting about it. I have film somewhere of Atilla complaining when this allegation was first made, a long time ago in the Turkish press if I remember rightly.

I heard a lot of garbled stuff about making a strong brotherhood, and supporting each other financially and how great a trip to Morocco for 100 quid each would be. Without transcripts I can't really help you. Fuck knows what is going on down there really.

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African neocon said...

Not to worry. Keep up the good work. I certainly appreciate perusing your site for up-to-date info on Osama Bin London et al.