November 03, 2008


More than a righteous wind by Rachel here. I am not so sure myself but how can the bookies be wrong?

...the bookies have Obama to win solidly, and it is them, not the polls that I trust. Unlike the pollsters, they go bust if they get it wrong. They have got it right for the last 8 elections.

I will be up all night tomorrow, watching and waiting. Hoping that the clean breeze I felt blowing two years ago out of Springfield gathers force and power until it is more than a righteous wind, but a mighty gale sailing this man, and the millions of ordinary men and women whom he has inspired to hope for change, to a safer shore, where the hard, slow work of rebuilding the dream of America can begin...

I've been very much enjoying these elections. I don't really see how either candidate can make a lot of difference. Both have made some pledges to do the right thing. Lets see. I don't believe in politics in the slightest but I can't help liking both these guys. I have a lot of hope. Maybe that is just me.

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