November 07, 2008


Two sons of hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza were last night charged with plotting to steal luxury cars.

Hamza Moustafa Kamel, 22, and Mohammed Kamel Moustafa, 27, will appear in court today with six others.

They also face two charges of conspiring to commit fraud, allegedly related to obtaining duplicate car keys and making false representations to secure a loan.

A fourth charge accuses them of knowingly "facilitating" the acquisition or control of stolen property.

They will appear before City of Westminster magistrates with Mohammed Chiadmi, 30, Abdul Chiadmi, 22, Mosshin Ghailan, 28, Khalid Jebari, 22, Hamza Mrimou, 29, and Ali Amel, 26.

Hamza, 50, was jailed for six years in 2004 for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. He faces extradition to the US for allegedly setting up an al-Qaeda training camp.

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