November 08, 2008


I don't post a lot of thoughts here any more do I.

I enjoyed the elections very much. Viewing the whole of the run offs between Hillary and Obama, Romney, McCain etc through the eyes of my Republican buddies must have given me a cock-eyed view of Obamas chances. I spent my whole time telling them it wouldn't make any difference anyway if Obama did win- but I never expected him to actually do it.

I spent as long as I could stay awake election night in Republicanland which was really good fun. I wasn't too nervous of a McCain win. Its obvious to me McCain isn't Bush. The BBC site kept crashing and I don't have a TV so I kept asking them "Are we winning?" and shouting "Down with the Liberals!" until it looked pretty safe for Obama and I could stay awake no more.

So I had a great day Nov 5th. I had a few people try and spoil it, telling me what I was telling my Repub buddies online for so many months, but I ended the day in a squatted pub with my band improvising around the American National Anthem loud enough to shut them all up.

Obviously we've had Blairs "A New day has dawned has it not" over here, so we probably can't help being a bit cautious but I like hope. Its not even hope for Obama or politics. For me it is hope for the huge amounts of people who have been energised by the process. The "We the people" who are picking up flags for the first time.

It was great to see the first post Obama session of the BBCs Question time just how incensed people are with all our politicians over here. The first person to come with a genuine vision for this country could make a lot of headway very quickly, but I have been saying that since 2003 eh. It was great also to see Dizzie Rascal on Newsnight.

I'd certainly like to see a few more Politicians going rogue eh. Personally I'd like to see McCain involved in some way in the future of America. I think his concession speech was one of the best I have ever seen in US Politics. A real highlight of the whole grimy buisness.

Its been fun. The landscape looks different now. I wish all Amerians best of luck with their country.

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