November 11, 2008


This is great. You'd never get this over here. Brought to you by Digicell. Ian Boyne is a big star in Jamaica. Everyone watches this on Sunday night. Ian takes on the evils of dancehall here



Twit said...

Of course Jesus is God.

But so am I.

& thee, Dave...& Mohammed & George Bush & every bugger else in this world.

I like to believe that that was JC's real point.

I know it sounds a bit flippant but I don't care because if it's not true then I'm not interested in it anyway.

More specifically, I suppose I mean that we are all part-of &/or connected with God. The point being that through that idea, we simultaneously realise our value & everyone else's. It is beyond nihilism & beyond self-worship. It is the great leveller.

It allows us to laugh & it allows us to suffer & die because the faith ...

I'm bored now.
I can't convey it.

I think Jesus would take the bible & toss it on the fire.

Enjoyable vid anyway...they have fun...lØve that tie.


Still scares me how many people voted for McCain.

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha but McCain is god too, and all the people who voted for him. I just come back from another long discussion about why Allah is real etc so it is very funny to see your post. I don't believe there isn't a God, its just that how can i know there is?

Anonymous said...

For me, it's not a matter of's a matter of interpretation.

Language cannot provide the 'answer'.
It can only lead you to its limits...or round & round.

That said, I honestly don't believe my 'faith' is any more 'real' than an atheist'
People need to suffer more...MUCH MORE...ha ha ha etc.

Twit said...

PLease ignore my previous comments.
I need to stop talking like's a filthy habit.