June 09, 2004


I really wanted to put this onto the United British Alliance Site but I don't want the Police to ban me from Finsbury Park. I think what these guys are trying to do is interesting, I just think that if they are looking for terrorists they might be in the wrong place. The Police didn't find any terrorists here for 16 months. Granted, they then suddenly found the British Bin Laden was here all along, but they only found that out with the help of their U.S. friends who seem to have convinced them that they weren't looking hard enough.

I am the documentary maker that one of you said was

“ With the hook.”

I would just like to clear things up a little. I am not

“ With the hook.”

I am a documentary maker. Some of the police and media are saying you are racist. I have on film you saying that you are not racist. I would not like to see you misreported. Some people believe that the Muslims of Finsbury Park are a threat to the British people. I have on film them denying this. Whether they are secretly terrorists or you are secretly racist I don’t know. I only know what people say to my camera. Now I have been frequently abused by Muslims at Finsbury Park, it disturbs be to be abused by you guys. I would like to report your views.

As for your allegations that I

“ Take it up the arse.”

I would like to say that I am not a homosexual but I have nothing against homosexuals at all and am glad that I live in a society where they are not victimized. I had an amicable debate (on camera) with Mr.Hamza’s best friend who quoted me Leviticus 12 vs 20 which says that homosexuals should be put to death. Maybe that is something you agree with him about. Maybe you all secretly would like to live under al shariah law where such things might occur. I don’t want to put words in your mouth. I want to record what you say.

If you read my blog you will see that in Pakistan I narrowly avoided being forcibly dragged off with the mullah because of what I look like and because I dared to play the guitar in Peshawar. All over Pakistan I was called an Infidel and a heretic. You can see what I look like. I thought it might just occur to you that I am not a Muslim. I am a documentary maker.

The person who most inspires me as a documentary maker is Nick Broomfield. I would recommend his documentary about Eugene Terrablanche THE LEADER, HIS DRIVER AND THE DRIVERS WIFE. This depicts the members of a sad white racist group in South Africa. When I met Nick Broomfield I told him that this film was the reason I was inspired to make documentaries. I told him I was filming in Finsbury Park and he wished me the best of luck. If I make a documentary a quarter as good as his I will be very happy. If I complete a documentary at all I will be very happy. He told me that to make documentaries you have to be able to get people whose views you do not necessarily share to talk to you with a camera running.

If I was making a documentary about the U.B.A. I would do it in exactly the same way as I have worked in Finsbury Park. Because Nick Broomfield makes a documentary about a racist does that put him on the side of a racist? Does that mean that he takes it up the arse? He is a documentary maker. To get a clearer picture of what I am about I would recommend a cartoon called
Transmetropolitan. I want to record what Finsbury Park’s Muslim community thinks on film. I also want to record what you think about Hamza on film. I have you guys saying that

“ He is going to fry.”

This is your view. I would like to record it. Things may not be how they seem to you. One of the people who has been encouraging me the most in this documentary process writes for the Sun. A lot of people are looking for the truth about Finsbury Park. I have been doing so for a year and a half.

I realize that you have come to Finsbury Park because you are proud to be British and you care about your country. Me too. Fear of being bombed encouraged me to come down and assess this “threat” for myself. I have a suspicion that if you have come to Finsbury Park looking for terrorists you may be disappointed. I may be wrong. We are just a slightly different kind of British person. You like to stand behind Police lines singing songs together, I like to stand in front of them filming. Maybe you would like to fight with people you disagree with. I like to try and talk to them with a camera running. Many different people make up British society now, with many different views. Some of them are documentary makers.

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