June 02, 2004


I read a cartoon series recently called Transmetropolitan, on the recommendation of a friend of mine who is building an earthship in Greece. (see NEW SOLUTIONS, NEW PROBLEMS) I found it very inspiring. The story is set in a city of the future and revolves around a crazy journalist called Spider Jerusalem. I didn’t agree with his readiness for violence but wondered what he would do in my situation. The difference between his situation and mine was that his dissenting view had a pivotal effect on the political climate as the average person in the street, or The New Scum as he called them believed in what he said and voted accordingly. In my situation, if you don’t like it there is no one to vote for, and I mean no one. I don’t mind though, the time when you can put an x in a box and expect anything to change has been over for a long while. Maybe the New Scum will realize and do something about it.

Under the watchful eye of a security camera I’ve openly been filming, with idea’s of my own for social change in mind for a year and a half. My friend Mike has set up our own take on things called Socialistwanker. We’ve met a number of people who have been disillusioned with “ The Left “ and hope to provide a forum for some lively discussion. It would be pointless for me to just have a leftist bone-picking conference without a section for “Have you got a better idea?” I personally wonder whether we could interest the majority in a peaceful dismantlement of the extremist forms of capitalism from the top. We’ve also registered www.globaldomination.org.uk

No ones lives need to be revolutionized too quickly, we just have to all decide that things like Oil wealth and water are far too volatile to be in the hands of a few people, and all the revenues from such things should go towards the social welfare of the world population. If the majority of the worlds wealth is in the hands of the top 3% I wonder if the remaining 97% could be interested in legislating against this? When the media scream Anti-Capitalism nothing gets reported unless it is violent.

One Mayday I was interviewed for Channel 4 news by Mark Eastern he's switched sides recently, I think he is now the home affairs editor for the BBC.

“ The Police say you can march if you stick to their route. What are you saying?” he asked.

“ Sounds fine to me.”

He asked me something about the relationship between Police and protestors.

“ The relationship between Police and protestors in London has always been O.K. this isn’t Seattle or Prague or Genoa, this is London. “ I said proudly.

“ I don’t think a lot of your friends would agree with you..” he answered looking about.

“The fact is, if this isn’t violent you won’t report it, isn’t it?

He moved away from me. It never made the news. Boring conversation anyway.

As the Police line moved slowly back I was joined at the front , as usual by loads of people making friendly conversation with the Police who were communally called 4:3. They were nervous and everyone was talking about anything to take their mind off the situation and be friendly.

I asked the guy in front of me whether he was having a better time today than he had yesterday.

“ Well yesterday I was in court all day, waiting to be called..”

“ What was that like? “.

“ Boring..”

“ So are you having a better time today? “

“ Well I’m outside in the warm…”

“ So its better?”

“ Yes its nice out here with you lot..”

A Policeman asked where I had got my t-shirt, which had a psychedelic picture of Jesus on the front. A group of Italian anti capitalists masked up and dressed in black had a go at pushing the Police line. All the Police and anti-capitalist/pro-conversationalists nervously looked towards the disturbance and back towards each other.

“ We’re alright with you lot aren’t we?” asked the guy next to me. He had come all the way down from Yorkshire to peacefuly express his anti-capitalist views.

“Yeah, sure” said the Policeman in front of him.

The protest was really small, limited to a corner of Trafalgar Square. The media had no violence to film. I missed the final push and got pissed in a pub instead. I came back later wearing my usual devil mask. In these conditions wearing a mask makes you liable to arrest but I was able to walk right up to a line of riot Police.

“ It’s been peaceful today hasn’t it? “ I asked, mask on.

“ Yes, but if you get out of line I’ll stick you.”

“ You haven’t had anyone to stick today?”

“No..but if you piss about I’m telling you, I’ll stick you..” he was disappointed but jovial.

Later there was a screening of a film about deaths in Police custody on the wall outside
Channel 4 H.Q. The Officer in charge, who I had seen wandering about all day with a blue clipboard was there.

“ It’s been peaceful today hasn’t it. “ I asked him, mask still on.

“ Yes, its been a pleasure working with you all. Thanks very much. “

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