June 21, 2004


this is an advert for Jon Snow's snowmail which comes out just before the news goes on air. As you can see it has slightly more personality than he can get away with on the news:

9/11 Commission: No evidence that Saddam aided al Qaeda:
At last, America's own 9/11 investigating commission has come out and
said it. They ve poured buckets of cold water possible links between
Saddam and al Qaeda. There is no evidence that Saddam aided the terrorists
in attacking the World Trade Centre, said the commission. Vice
President Dick Cheney has consistently pedalled the lie, yes, lie that Iraq and
al Qaeda were closely connected. As recently as LAST WEEK repeating
that there were 'long established ties' from Saddam to al Qaeda.

Will anyone in the coalition of the willing complain? Will Dick Cheney
resign? Is the Pope a Catholic?

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