June 20, 2004


Fantastic. First contact with the UBA is good. Looked through my footage and have their words. Was dreading someone from the UBA finding this blog but got this from Stephen:

Thanks,for your quick reply. I have read the content on your site and do find it very interesting, im sure there are many things we do agree on but also many we don’t!! What I want is for the people of this country who I feel get a very different report on many things from the British press to hear the truth, something that should not to be hard to give. It would be difficult to talk like this over the web so I would not mind contacting you or even meeting. As you can see the people on the UBA are from different backrounds and areas and many have different views but we all share the same thing, we want ourselves and family’s to be safe, and a country that we can be proud of again. As im sure you have seen we don’t want to clear the country of Muslims we simply want it clear of extremists, something you to I assume want.

I've looked into the UBA on the web. Some people just hate people from Pakistan. They call it P@kistan. But others use the forum to say that they have moved away from their racist past yet still see that they represent Britain. From my camera I hope to include these guys as I think we can have an honest debate about what it means for us now to be British.

Got a visit from the younger guys from Finsbury Park. Cheers Samir, (I didn't ask your brother's name.) Sorry.It turn's out that these guys have had dealing's with Channel 4 before. They dispute a piece called Dispatches which, they claim fabricated Abu Hamza's voice in a previous documentary. I think Mr. Abdullah thinks a Zionist will edit my documentary at the last minute.

My gut tell's me they want to do it. I'm in the interesting position of trying to give both "side's" some footage ( UBA and Finsbury Park Muslims.) but unfortunately the tape they both want a copy of is stuck. I want everyone to tell me what it now means to be British. Before Hamza was sent down he agreed to a live interview with GM T.V. which they chickened out of- allegedly. I'd have no problem's doing this live. 97% want Hamza extradited before they've heard the evidence. I've seen him move from the street into the public imagination, next stop: Southpark.

No one can speak with him or report his word's. Samir want's to use this documentary to sit opossite a certain trustee who they believe has been dodgy with Mosque funds. Who are the villans? Who are the heros? I've seen two brother's sitting opposite me in my house tell me how Hamza used to call them up all the time to check they were O.K. and give them advice on moral Islamic living. They didn't look inclined to self destruct.

I am drawn to something Hajj said last week to our Canadian cameraman. ( in a real Blame Canada southpark moment)

" Put people on the television. Show what they really say. Get rid of the politicians. "

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