March 27, 2005


Still pissed and stoned continually. Malung life feels good. Missing the company of WOMAN at the moment but that’s cool. I’m onicherrrr about it as Mr. Goenka would say.(Quicktime video) Not meditating hardly at all.

Would you know it I’ve finally got Abdullah and co’s agreement to start approaching the broadcasters.

How long have I been doing this? Will anyone still be interested? Hamza's trial is on July 4th.

“Write something nice about me on your website, and try not to swear too much in your film OK Bones.?”

And there it was.

It was good to see Abdullah and Jamal. Abdullah was wearing the same shades he had on in the Mirror expose. He told me epic tales of how he had been to another mosque, asked a question and was carried out and beaten up by 50-100 people. This was reported in the Mirror. He said he stood there and took it without fighting back. Someone smashed his cheekbone with a metal bar. His old friends in the underworld contacted him offering help- and none of them are Muslims. He turned them down because of his faith in Allah. This guy lives life like someone out of the koran no?

Abdullah had a bit of a go at me because of the way I questioned him previously. Can’t blame him really. I felt pretty stupid doing it. I’m glad it didn’t make the news. Documentary is much better. Room to breathe.

I have no idea who the fuck did 9-11 or what happened inside Finsbury Park mosque or who Abu Hamza is. This is my journey. A lot of it has been so dark and lonely. I’m so happy that I have recorded it here.

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we like it dark