March 08, 2005


We had a fantastic journey back from the meditation centre five up in a landrover courtesy of charlie who has a fantastic website called I will always remember going round and round a roundabout somewhere in between Glouster and Oxford with no idea which exit to get off on laughing and laughing.

I jumped out at Hampstead heath and stayed with friends. I was briefly tempted to go out and take some acid on a dancefloor but chose instead to pull back and fit myself back into London life a bit more shanti like. (see? meditation makes you talk like a fucking hippie)

On my way home an old friend called me and told me about a baba who gave satsang in a Brixton council house, so I went down still with a bag full of sleeping gear etc. Sure enough on the ground floor of a council house, behind a whole load of plants lived a peaceful Jamaican baba. There were maybe 12 people in the room listening to him. Mostly Spanish and Italians. When he finnished he brought out a massive pot of chai for everyone. He gave loads of huge hugs to people as the left which made me a bit nervous but when I got round to saying goodbye I got a hug too. All my English self conciousness left me as I melted into a huge genuine hug with a complete stranger.

If ever you are in London and need a hug go and visit Mooji.

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