March 31, 2005


Fucking great documentaries on British terrestrial TV at the moment.

Repeating all week on channel 4 is Jamies school dinners. We are seriously raving about it on socialistwanker as it is possibly the most important documentary ever made. What happened to this country in 18 years of Thatcherism and 8 years of New Labour? Why do adults of 40 and 50 claim never to have eaten a runner bean? And they are the fucking dinner ladies who are training to cook the new diet.

Throughout this series it is the truth which is astounding. A doctor shows an x-ray of a typical Greenwich schoolkid who eats no roughage to a point beyond constipation when they are actually throwing up shit.

"You've got to do this." the doctor tells Jamie.

It feels like Jamie Oliver is politely smashing the government around the head with a brick. Fantastic. If his school dinner revolution works it will have repercusions throughout the nation and (hopefully) the fast food industry. It was amazing watching him using fast food tactics like catchy songs and costumes to convert the kids from their junk food addiction.

On the other side earlier (BBC2) I watched a horrific documentary about the introduction of the ban on the Hijab in French schools. Young French Muslim girls being stopped at the entrance to the school and being told to uncover their ears and foreheads. A seemingly intelligent headmaster assuming that the girls who are most opposed to the ban have links with terrorists.


Could this happen in this country? You betcha.

Tonight at 10 on C4 is a documentary called You're Fayed in which Mohamed Al-Fayed will claim to be an "anarchist billionaire" I can't wait.

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