March 21, 2005


One of the things I have learned that I wouldn't have done if I hadn't started blogging is that there seems either to be a certain breed of Catholic, or Texan or both who seem to be totally at ease expressing what their beliefs mean to them and yet also have a relaxed and unjudgemental attitude towards those who do not share their belief. Kimberley is like this too. Is it Catholics or Texans or Catholics from Texas? This quality is rare in religious people and is something I appreciate very much.


Anonymous said...

i can't speak for other catholics or other texans, but i know what it is to be persecuted/mocked for your faith. i hope i never do that to anyone. that is one thing i love deeply about my faith. as a rule, in my experience, catholicism doesn't condemn other religions, and looks for inter-faith peace.

RightwingSparkle said...

What a nice thing to say!

I think kimberly hit it on the head. With devout Catholics who know their faith, we know it teaches us to welcome other faiths (protestants have a tendency to just say "I'm right. Period.") I know, I use to be one. Our Church and especially this Pope has sought inter-faith peace.
And as for those with no faith...who did Christ spend most of his time with other than his apostles? Those with no faith.

Anonymous said...

I can attest to Rightwingsparkle's willingness to listen to the opinion of others, even if it goes against her own beliefs. I'm a Mallard-American that doesn't believe in God/religion in general, and actually voted Democratic most of the time this last election... yet Sparkly lets me stick around.

Maybe I'm the token duck, I dunno, but she seems to like me.

Anonymous said...

I also can only speak for myself and those I know. My church community as a whole works hand-in-hand with all other faiths on all manner of local projects to help the disadvantaged. My church's leaders treat all faith's equally and openly seek new groups with which we may work.

I also meet every other week with a small group of Catholics. We discuss everything under the sun in relation to the bible, our church, and our faith. Our individual views on the world vary greatly and we often disagree...quite passionately...on topics. The one common thread running through all our conversations is that all men should be treated equally and, if we follow our faith, with love.

Erik Grow said...

I'm mostly in the same camp as the...ummm...Mallard-American. Religion? It's not really my thing. Normally it has been neutral to me, but recently the most religious have been aligning with other sets of views and politics that I dislike immensely, which has made me increasingly mistrustful of religion. Anyway, this is a warm fuzzy post and I don't want to derail it! Sparkle is a nice person, very sharing of herself, and she tends to argue without using the rhetorical bomb-throwing that makes arguing useless. To me, any time someone shares their lives that deeply to strangers about anything is nice to see.

I don't know Kimberly yet, but perhaps I should.
-Erik Grow "Random Acts of Logic"

DAVE BONES said...

see what I mean?