May 27, 2006

OK. First guitar I bought in many many years is an electro acoustic Tanglewood for £220. Also the most I have ever spent on a guitar, by twenty quid. I prefered the people in the other shop, but I couldn't turn this guitar down at the price.

I gave it a good loud hammering in the shop. All of the staff looked quite annoyed when I left but pleasantly surprised when I came back with the money.

"Our" Bass player was complaining the other day that I haven't written about "us" so-

Yes, I have a band together, after hassling Stevie up the road for a year, I think every time I saw him I asked

"How come we are not famous yet?"

We finally have a band with a great singer who also blogs and a great drummer who is studying classical percussion. I'm not going to tell you the name yet. Have to wait till we get a MySpace up and some tunes done to put on it.

We are considering whether to try and tour eastern Europe with a van this summer, and may have an invite to play a festival in Sweden also. Lets see. It feels great to have a purpose after ditching the doco anyway.

The last time I was in a semi-serious band was 1989. This one is much, much better. I feel a bit of an impostor next to the talent of the bass+drums, but in another way I like subtle guitar, squealing string noises... "colour" I call it. Means that whilst the drums and bass have to stay fairly straight and tight for a gig I could do 6 lines of ketamine and no one would notice. Top job eh?

I'm writing this entry waiting for Simon, a regular commenter from Rightwingsparkle's blog. We are off to see if we can't annoy guitarshop staff again.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, Dave - did you go back and get it????

Who ever wrote that last comment I would truly like to meet.
I have very good Muslim friends all over the Middle East and to tar all of them with your sick insane fear is not the kind of thing I like to drop...
So is it fair to say that if a western sicko criminal rapes and then murders a child that all westerners should be killed because they're all the same?

I think you need to travel a bit my friend and learn something of this world first hand and do so on your own so you have to learn how to communicate and sometimes trust people of other cultures and races.

Anonymous said...

.....& here's me thinking you were talking about guitars & stuff...


i like your wee blog anyway


DAVE BONES said...

Siomon- No I didn't. And that Westone went for £170. I'm a bit pissed off as I missed the auction.

Davebonewanker- My site looks like a five year old did it? Cool! Thanks!

Did you wantch my movies? If you look there is a space for comments below each of them. Feel free to write something, but you've got to watch them first...

DAVE BONES said...

Oh and if any of your fantasy Muslims come and haunt me I'll be sure and tell you! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Ah, not to worry about the ebay one at all.
But check your finances and if it works go back and get that last one we tried. It was a truly amazing guitar and sounded perfect through the marshall.
It was also a rubbust well built bit of kit.
Awesome finish on it too... Hard to get a finish like that on a guitar.
Also it's unique in the way in looks.

If you get that, you will not regret it.

Indigobusiness said...

Yeah...Grow up, you doofus.

DAVE BONES said...

yeah, the finnish was the only thing I wasn't sure about. I'm going to check out Tanglewoods version in mahogany as its so cheap. Following your advice I played two tele's today. A Polish version (very heavy, nice humbuker on the bridge) and a pink paisley with a great neck.


also watching this and this.

This is the guitar I already have.

Maybe I should just buy another one.

Indigobusiness said...

Interesting guitars. I like the look of the Tanglewood, but I'd bet the Epiphone is the player.

But what the hell do I know? I stumbled past Ebay today and got stuck with some shite guitar I've never even heard of.

I think I'm getting this color, but who the hell knows? The hillbilly I bought it from won't write me back.

I didn't intend to win. Bloody auctions...

DAVE BONES said...

looks like Simons sort of guitar...

Indigobusiness said...

I've never had a guitar with douchebag electronics before, so this will be a whole new experience for me.

I was just swayed by some reviews of Dillion Guitars and told myself this might be a good bedroom guitar. Next week, I'll probably convince myself I need a bathroom guitar.

BTW- I regret calling the seller a hillbilly, he finally contacted me and promised to send the wineburst version. (I hope he doesn't read your blog)