June 06, 2006

More Snow terror

Terror raid: Unanswered questions

Our man Simon Israel continues to turn exclusive insights into the
strange goings on in east London which resulted in a major police raid and
claims of chemical weapons and highly dangerous individuals.

Four days on, and as yet nothing has been said to substantiate the
'very specific intelligence' which prompted the raid. Mindful of the
possible community consequences, the police have been briefing that they had
no choice but to act upon that intelligence: public safety, they say,
was and is their top priority.

More: http://www.channel4.com/news/content/news-storypage.jsp?id=776110

London Bomb attacks report

The report into the 7 /7 attack last year says the police turned off
the entire mobile phone network by mistake and that if such an attack
occurred again today matters would be much the same. There is however a
major new security digital network being setup which should be up and
running by 2007.

The inquiry makes a series of criticisms of 'unacceptable' failings in
the adequacy of the response, but also notes individual heroism that

More: http://www.channel4.com/news/content/news-storypage.jsp?id=776111


Anonymous said...

Theres already an awesome digital network in place, infact it's far more capable than any system in the world to date.
It came of age when London Transport introduced the 'oyster' card.
All they have to do is switch it on!!!
Lets see,(for the techy folks) Every tunnel is lined with 'Leaky Feeder'. All stations have been fibre'd, the Nortel kit is in place. The trains have all been fitted with real-time CCTV and Oyster recievers (as too has every bus stop with a CIS display board on it and of course the buses.
Cell phone reciever stations are in place and advanced below ground comms as well as a secure cab radio system for the train drivers.
Go Figure!!!!!

Anyway, if you find yourself in a London underground station and you hear the following message over the tanyo (spoken in a very proper english gentlemans voice) "Would Inspector Sands please make his way to the control room". Then be prepared to run for it - however, this often goes off by accident.

Oh and if you do for some unfortunate reason find your self having to evacuate down a tunnel firstly, both power rails will kill you.... secondly, if you look on the tunnel wall there are two wirers that run closly together, these are for the old cab radios. reach up and grab them and pull them together until they touch - this is known as 'Twitching'. The control centre will cut the power to the lines instantly when this is done.
When the power is switched off - the tunnel lights will come on.

BigDog said...

Sweet. Thanks for the survival and situational awareness information.

IMO, every student in secondary school should be taught classes in survival. Not simply wilderness survival, but skills like navigation, first aid, escaping vehicles and buildings. list goes on.

Many of us live within a modern technical society but seldom know anything about how it all works and what do do when the technology fails. We all live in the public part of buildings, subways and vehicles, but are unfamilar with the hidden utility areas just out of sight.

Its a common assumption in government that the populace will simply panic when the fecal matter impacts the rotary air impeller, but on 9/11 most people reacted responsibly, trying to aid people, applying first aid, organizing ad hoc rescue efforts, steel workers wanted to go in and help... People don't panic if they know what to do

BigDog said...

BTW. When I was in London, I heard the message "Mind the Gap" quite a bit. Was that where the clothing store "The Gap" got its name?

Anonymous said...

LOL, The Gap in the clothing sense stands for 'The Gay And Proud'.
Don Fisher opened the first store in San Francisco in 1969.

Big Dog, i have a mind of useless trash - can you tell? lol

You're right and I agree with what you're saying about people being trained in basic things. That said sometimes things like First Aid need to be trained at a higher level from the outset.

To me it is bizarre thought that people can't read maps and navigate - yet most people can't. And to ask someone to start a fire without matches or a lighter would certainly leave many dumbfounded.
When I worked for Land Rover many years ago we had to learn then teach offensive, defensive and evasive driving skills - personally I think people should be required to do them all as part of the standard Drivers Ed.

Anyway, you know how to survive on the London Underground now at least lol.
There is one thing good about Underground stations - it's pretty much impossible to burn to death in them as the they now have a 3 tier fire suppression system fitted throughout all stations. Even escalators have the own internal sprinklers and 'high fog' systems cover everywhere.

Lets hope i haven't spoken too soon lol.

DAVE BONES said...

totally. check this out