June 19, 2006

Sand Niggers Unite

Muslims joined by Sikhs in Forest Gate protest

Hundreds of members of the local community in Forest Gate, London, held a protest today (18 June 2006),
calling on the police to cooperate better with local people and revise their anti-terror tactics.

The predominantly Muslim demonstration was joined by Sikhs, a few Christians and other concerned residents.


The Forest Gate anti-terror raid was triggered by a man with an IQ of just 69 who was described as an "utter incompetent" when he was jailed for a terror offence, it was claimed yesterday.

Hey, maybe its Dave Bonewanker doing his fantasy Muslim stuff.

I like this image. Muslim guy with beard shot by Police, comes out wearing a Brazil shirt during the world cup. In other traitor news, my glorious team Ghana beat Czech! COME ON!!! Hang on, Ghana? Whats this guy doing then?

Ghanaian soccer player John Pentsil celebrated the goals scored by his teammates against the Czech Republic at the World Cup on Saturday by waving the Israeli flag at the stadium in Cologne.

Ghana beat the Czech Republic 2-0 in a convincing display of fast-paced soccer, increasing the chances the African team will be the first from that continent to qualify to the next round in the quadrennial soccer tournament.


Indigobusiness said...

Hey Bones, where'd the thread go where i.:.s.:. lit into you with insults about you and your women? I can't find it?
You haven't deleted it, have you?

Can't believe you'd censor...but I've combed your blog, no joy. Just as it was about to go over the top...

You two really do love each other, no?

DAVE BONES said...

yeah I deleted it. Might be entertainment to you but why the fuck should I put up with it? Fuck him. You want entertainment?

Indigobusiness said...

No, I don't want to be entertained. Not my bag. I want to learn, and I thought maybe I was about to learn something insightful about both of you.

Actually, I can see why you got rid of that...it was a bit much. Intriguing, though.

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

i see no traiter.. but i do see a support of brasil and a supported of zionism.

Indigobusiness said...

Ok, Bones, I read your comment (over there). Looks like loggerheads.

Enjoy your guitar, and damn the torpedoes.

Lazy said...

I can't believe he'd censor it, either. But you know what? I once deleted a whole blog because of an anonymous abusive comment he left on it.

I'm sorry if I offended you, Dave. That's what you get for being "crass, macho and boastful" ;-) I was on a bad combo of drugs and I don't even remember what I wrote. But jeeze, are you sensitive. What's it take to have a good abusive relationship with someone these days?

Oh, and it was Mike Skinner I meant, not Frank.

Lazy said...

He started it by dissing my shoes. Yeah he's all like asking the kids at the bus stop if any of them "spit", middle-aged hippy trying to be with it and with the times, shit the kids all love my trainers. And my SS cap. Hail Napoleon! The Empire never died.

Indigobusiness said...

You look like a Nazi golfer.

Kids' taste is all in their mouth.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it's gone this far. I don't know why anyone takes anything I say this seriously. It's just fucking blogs, words on a toilet wall somewhere. Why should you put up with it? If you can't take some bs why are your words here for anyone to read and comment on, then? Get some perspective. This is not real life, this is entertainment. Imagine how lonely I feel when even David doesn't understand my humour any more.

Anonymous said...

To introduce some objectivity and a sample of public opinion here, I showed the original controversial post/thread to some other people, who thought "I boned er innit" was "really terrible, innit?" (said one respondent) or otherwise vaguely tasteless. If you're going to put your sex life on public display and then can't take a bit of ribbing about it, don't do it. I don't feel like I'm on shaky ground at all.

Indigobusiness said...

Quicksand doesn't shake.

boudica of suburbia said...

I was going to say that I'd see you in Finsbury Park as I was going to go to some free concert in a few weeks. But I'm not going anymore so this is all a bit redundant! lol

I think I've missed the majority of the stuff everyones talking about, hmmm?


Anonymous said...

"Quicksand doesn't shake"

A statement infuriatingly glib and well-oiled, or ha-ha-only-serious ominous?

Infuriatingly glib.

I.:.S.:. said...

Quicksand does shake, until you're about thigh-deep.

Indigobusiness said...

but you're neck-deep, anyway.

And I'm infuriatingly glib...yet, well-oiled.

Or possibly ha-ha-only-serious ominous. But I don't understand that at all.

I'd like to think it's a fine blend of all three, much as I despise glibness.