June 13, 2006

Fellow Traitor

Jon Snow:

My team is Iran

Well, if you are interested in the World Cup, I don’t think you will be
reading this. I will put my colours on the line, I will be supporting
Iran. I watched them defeat Costa Rica 3-2 in a friendly in Tehran. The
reason I am supporting Iran is I would like to see its leader
Ahmadinejad come to Europe for the final stages, should the Persians do well. It
would be great to see western leaders engage with him. Now there’s a
nutty vision for you.

We are there less for the sport than for the circumstance in what is
said to be the most watched event in the world, far outstripping the

See our reporter’s blogs and latest news from the tournament in our
World Cup special section at www.channel4.com/worldcup

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I can symathise with this lack of patriotism as I put 3 quid on Ghana at 250-1. they lost against Italy yesterday but its early days...

Fuckin COME ON GHANA!!!!!


treacle said...

too right! I'm heading straight into the world cup fever over there.... so am rooting for em too.

Indigobusiness said...

You're my kind of punter.

Go, Ghana!

DAVE BONES said...

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indigobusiness said...

Ghana Stuns Czechs, With Africa's First Victory

DAVE BONES said...