June 16, 2006


The Sun:

ANTI-TERROR cops were last night trying to find out why the two brothers arrested over a suspected poison bomb plot had a £38,000 stash in their house.

The fortune — in CASH — was allegedly found in a bedroom after the pair were arrested in a swoop on their modest terraced home.

Police quizzed Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, and his brother Abul Koyair, 20, about the money during the week they spent in custody.

But neither would tell them where it came from. Last night a security source said: “It was a hell of a lot to have knocking around. The cash was in a bedroom, much of it in £50 notes.

The Guardian:

Relations between the police and the Muslim family targeted during the ill-fated anti-terrorist raid in Forest Gate fell to a new low yesterday as details were leaked of how officers found £38,000 cash on their property.

The money, said to have mainly been in £50 notes, was discovered in a bedroom in the east London house...

In a strongly worded statement, his sister Humeya Kalam said she had informed police about the money two hours after the raid took place. She said it was accumulated income which the family was reluctant to store in a bank because they felt that to do so would conflict with their religious beliefs. She said the money was kept in the basement of the house next door, which is owned by her and rented to a separate family.

"The story is incorrect in every way. It suggests that there is something sinister and unexplained in relation to monies found in my house," Ms Kalam said.

"The monies are neither sinister nor unexplained. I told the police that the money comes primarily from the monthly income from the rental of number 48, kept by my mother for safekeeping over the period of time in which I have owned the house, ie over approximately four years. My mother has never felt it right to keep this money in a bank account, or to hold savings in a bank; Islam prohibits the keeping of money in circumstances where interest is earned or where it is paid."

Is there going to be an upsurge in household roberies against Muslims?


treacle said...

Most muslims do now use banks. There are several banks which have accounts that are setup specifically for muslim customers. I'll come back and post up the info once I remember.

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah, there have been halal mortgages and such like for a long time, but I suppose maybe they think of them as corrupt. God knows. Maybe they are terrorists. I am alarmed by the devisive nature of perception between the Sun and the Guardian. Things could get really hot in the community as well if Islamists feel as if they are likely to be shot.

treacle said...

I have a lot of muslim friends with whom I have grown up and they do use the banking system. They do also keep money at home. It depends really on what is most convenient and how traditional they are in their outlook. Its hard to know the whole truth but its enough for any hotheaded contendors to convince their communities that its time for more action.

DAVE BONES said...

I alway though Halal banking was one of the positive things about fundamental Islam. No stagnant money.

Anonymous said...

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