June 16, 2006

Meanwhile back in Texas

I don't know who Abu Hamza al-Happy Wanderer is (I'll bet someone in Langley does though), but I wouldn't give him a snowball's chance in Baghdad.

Gay, Pro-life, and Proud.
I'll take it.

Live "sex shows" of bulls mounting a simulated cow have become a big attraction at an agricultural exhibition taking place in New Zealand.

it's a whisper...
an ear tickling
leaning in
sometimes rubbing
my cheek against
the skin of your neck
and feeling you breathe
hearing and feeling


Indigobusiness said...

Nobody is pro-abortion, that's one of the most troubling claims in this entire false dichotomy.

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks dave. it's a nice surprise anytime someone thinks enough of my words to mention them.

i've been so out of the blogworld. work has the days running together with very little time left for anything else, but i am enjoying it. i am happy. i hope you are.

thanks again!