June 16, 2006


Still on the search for a nice spare guitar I'm spoilt for choice. When I started playing the guitar the Orientals were just starting to make decent guitars for under £200. They are still at it.

I've found some nice looking stuff from a company called SHINE in Korea who used to make Guitars for B.C. Rich and Epiphone. Two semi acoustics with glued necks for £199 each. One is a 335 copy the other has a Basswood body with a quilted maple front. Below is an active 5-string bass for £350. They do Strats and Teles for 80 quid.

Guitars of all ages seem to be a good investment, which says a lot for the resurgence of guitar music. If you get hold of a good one it will hold its price.

There is a dealership not far away, I think I'll take a look. Click on the logo for Shines's full range.


Indigobusiness said...

Nice guitars, Bones. That solid body is a beauty. My opinion of overseas guitars has improved considerably as I've been looking into them recently. There is good stuff coming out of Korea...go figure. I watched this Godin(Canadian/American) sell today on Ebay for 255 clams. I couldn't hardly take it. This was the model I almost bought new.

By the way, my Korean guitar arrived with neck broke clean in two. They replaced it, no sweat, and it's not near as bad as I'd feared.

Indigobusiness said...

You considering a 5 string bass?

DAVE BONES said...

Not for me. Always looking for stuff to tempt Mr. magic fingers innit. Wouldn't work though as he don't give a shit what he plays.

DAVE BONES said...

That Godin isn't my look but I bet it plays like fuck. I always liked Zappas SG sound.

Indigobusiness said...

My first electric was a red SG. Never should've sold it.

I didn't figure you'd like the look of the Godin, but I like some of the subtle features of this model. And the reviews were incredible.

This part from the manufacturer had me going:

The hand crafted mahogany neck of the LG sits in a deep pocket in the mahogany body. This crucial connection provides excellent energy transfer between neck and body. Pulling the strings through the body increases resonance even further. In other words, this is one lively guitar. The pickups and bridge are also recessed into the body to achieve a very comfortable position for your right hand.

Your band seems to be shaping up nicely. That was a real coup getting Paula as a singer. Interesting combo. Have you arrived at a name?

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah, Paula is registering it and we're getting a MySpace up so I'm not going to tempt fate by revealing it just yet. It feels really good. Not so much songs as loosely repeating phrases. Best thing I've done in years.

Indigobusiness said...
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Indigobusiness said...

I see. Sounds interesting all around.

Intriguing approach. Makes sense to me. I've always said "you've gotta unleash the music."

Never play anything exactly the same way twice... and turn it loose: That's my idea of making music happen.

But, my ability is so idiosyncratic (limited), I have to find that zone where the instrument takes over and does all the heavy lifting. Probably one of the major reasons I lean toward vintage instruments that are way too good for me.

Good luck with the project. Can't wait to hear something.

Indigobusiness said...

You talking about Badlands Guitars?

I've been reading good things about Shine guitars, but they make guitars in China now, too.

Look at this beauty.

DAVE BONES said...

yeah badlands. Cheers for the link, I didn't realise they had the guitar I wanted and was planning a lot further trip. I saw that guitar. Nice thru neck. I reckon I'm going semi acoustic though. depends what they all look like in the shop.

Indigobusiness said...

Yeah, I'm fond of f-holes, too.

That'd be a good name for a band.