June 06, 2006


OK. Friends were doing work for a large central London arts venue which involved one of them driving a happy little red hired ex-Post Office 7.5 ton truck in and out of the carspace/loading area of said venue. Because there is no parking restrictions they left it overnight.

Coming to collect it the next day in a smaller car the guy found most of the roads around this centre, oh- and also one major road bridge over the Thames closed. Beyond the huge cordoned area were only very worried looking Police in black SWAT style uniforms. He pulled up and asked one of the Police what was happening.

"We are not allowed to tell you."

He told the Policemen about his truck inside the area.

"Is it red?" asked the Policeman.

Once he had confirmed that it was indeed red the Policeman straight away radioed

"I have the suspect here."

and then told him that he was going to be searched under the terrorism act 2004 for "trigger devices".

Apparently everything passed off amicably. It wasn't his fault the van was unregistered, as it belonged to a hire company. He went to meet the head of security of the venue. Everyone agreed that the whole thing had been a useful lesson and the many shows at this venue , which were ten minutes away from being cancelled were allowed to continue.

And the guy was really really pleased that he wasn't Asian or Arabic looking.

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