January 05, 2009


Interesting article from Sky News of all people

...His PalTalk account has been blocked and Lebanese authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest after he was linked to weapons training for a group called Al-Qaeda Lebanon. He has had to leave his home in North Lebanon, and although he denies that he is 'on the run', he acknowledges he is 'on the move'.

But there is a good chance it will go no further than that. As he told me, the Lebanese authorities know where he is, and could arrest him if they wanted to. The fact that they have chosen not to speaks volumes...

...He is a free, innocent, if controversial man. That's why Omar Bakri is a problem figure. Those within the British authorities who see him as a dangerous influence who should be controlled, can do nothing but bite their tongues and sit on their hands.

As he told Sky News in December, "They deport me, or they prevent me from returning back to Britain, or prevent people entering the UK, they think that (is) going to make them stop communicating? If they stop the internet we will communicate by phone. Will they stop every call in the world?"...


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