January 29, 2009

My Republican Buddies..

Don't think Obama's new bill will stimulate the economy. Lets see. If it doesn't there is a fair chance they will be back in four years. With Sarah Palin at the helm?



La Sirena said...

Unfortunately, everything over here is completely FUCKED beyond belief thanks to 8 years of BushCo.

I guess Obama isn't as efficient as W. W managed to undo 225 years of American work in 8 years (ex. the Constitution and our industry). If Obama were any good he should have been able to fix 8 years of war crimes and highway robbery within 12 days. What's this guy's problem anyway?

Yeah, hurry up and get Sarah Palin out here. My head's about to blow up after 12 days of adult speeches coming out of the Oval Office.

Dave, you make all of us over here look bad with your frequent links to Right Wing Sparkle. Just saying...

Although I am PISSED that Obama let extraordinary rendition stand. Getting rid of that was one of the reasons I campaigned for him. I'm currently planning my most effective reaction to that.

DAVE BONES said...

Dave, you make all of us over here look bad with your frequent links to Right Wing Sparkle. Just saying...

and you defend Obama and the democrats in a robust manner. I'm glad you believe in the guy, something tells me that he has got to be better than Bush, but how many Iraqi kids dies while Clinton smiled and played saxophone?

Got to watch politicians carefully. They are politicians. Having said that I'll admit that I do look at the US through the lense of Texas Republicans a bit much maybe ;-)

La Sirena said...

You are absolutely correct.

Actually, I am trying to be even more vigilant in contacting my representatives and raising a big stink about the little things like water-boarding, extraordinary rendition, rolling back executive branch powers than before because

1) I don't want to be hypocrite and
2)There is the eensiest possibility that someone in power might actually be listening.

Way to set me straight, though. I appreciate it.

w,v, = "moner"

DAVE BONES said...

They are the little things? They are big things. When has it ever been legal to kidnap a person take him to a foreign country and torture him?

Thing is, I can see that in that part of the world it isn't just the terrorists who play like this, its everywhere. If someone has a plan for terrorism how do you get them to tell you about it? These are live issues.

I feel like I am at a comedy wrestling match. Obama! boo! Horray! boo! etc.

La Sirena said...

They are the little things?

Yes, they are the big things.

I have a terrible tendency to overuse irony (and often hyperbole) to make a point and I don't think it translates well in this medium.