January 29, 2009

Making Shakespeare Accessible

Well that was a mad journey. Loads of rows, a force of energy, the will of a group of misfits to summon the spirits to produce King Lear. Only a handful of us are what I would call thespians, but everyone struggles to make Shakepeare accessible to themselves and pass that accessibility on to people who wouldn't usually see Shakespeare. Greasepaint, mud, chains, a special surprise I will photograph and report after the show. Costumes have been begged borrowed and stolen, we're making buckets of blood, our pigs eye strategy came up against the venues Vegan policy but otherwise its full steam ahead.

If you are in London come down to

The Spike 39b Consort rd Pekham London.
Friday and Saturday 7pm

The performance is free, though donations are always welcome!

A video about The Spike


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