January 21, 2009


...Relatives of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, who were at the base this week to observe pretrial hearings, told reporters they oppose any further delay in the trials of the men charged in the case.

But human rights groups and others welcomed the development.

"It's a great first step but it is only a first step," said Gabor Rona, international director of Human Rights First. "The suspension of military commissions so soon after President Obama took office is an indication of the sense of urgency he feels about reversing the destructive course that the previous administration was taking in fighting terrorism."...


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I take a very centrist approach to this. Step 1: Afford all detainees the same legal protection & due process they would enjoy if they were shielded by the US constitution (human rights aren't just for Westerners, after all). Step 2: Bring down the harshest form of justice possible on them.

Presumed guilt is not something any civilised country should be advocating. Good move Obama.