January 22, 2009


According to The Sun, around 20 "hippies" have set up home in the seven-storey properties in London's Park Lane, famous for its super-rich residents, luxury car dealers and hotels.

The group told the paper they spent their time strumming guitars, creating artworks and taking their dogs for walks in Hyde Park opposite.

One of the squatters, called Martin, said: "The view at sunset over Hyde Park is just magic - especially from the penthouse. I really love it here."



Hummingirl said...

I read that some of the neighbors are unhappy about the squatters but others could care less. An anonymous neighbor speaking with Reuters said, "If the landlords leave the building empty and don’t care, the squatters have the right to be here and have a roof over their heads." According to this article, there aren't any plans to kick out the hipsters.

DAVE BONES said...

cheers for the link humming girl!