January 08, 2009


Musa came by the other day. It was great to see him, but he is in a bad way. His son was beaten up really badly. He was lucky he wasn't killed. There are three witnesses, the Police haven't even interviewed them. I am not even sure how much I can say about this on this blog. He thinks the Police aren't interested because they believe he is a terrorist.

(For those new here, it is probably good to read Rachel's summary of her experiences with Musa here. He is NOT A FUCKING TERRORIST.)

I went to The Temporary School of Thought today to find a seriously energizing group of very young people. I am a bit tired now but I will hopefully visit again and blog some more about them. Vinnay Gupta enthusiastically brought into cinematic focus a lot of what I have been grasping at shadows about very recently as a way forward politically. Serendipity? I do hope so. Later he taught a form of meditation which is new to me. I was looking for one of those too, as although I feel I have benefited immensely from Vipassna in the last few years, I struggle a bit with some of the philosophies behind it and needed something to compare it to, if nothing else.

Over the last few days one of my Republican buddies, Rightwingsparkle made contact with a woman in Palestine. I am not sure what they achieved, but I am glad they had a conversation anyway.

She has posted a link to a blog by an Israeli and a Palestinian who live fairly close on different sides of the border. Do take a look at Life must go on in Gaza and Sderot


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