January 12, 2009

Gaza demo 11th Jan

All a bit inevitable really wasn't it. People could blame this on the organizers. The thing is because a spontaneous illegal breakaway set off to the Israeli embassy last week, they had little choice but to have a legal demo there this week, as people would have gone there anyway. I can't see any point if you are angry about Gaza to direct your energy toward a Policeman. I think this energy could be directed more usefully. Rioting and the excitment of group mentality is interesting to watch for a bit but in this case it doesn't achieve very much does it.

We got bored of all the droning speeches at the beginning and disappeared into the Serpentine gallery to warm up. When we rejoined the march it was obviously huge. We stopped for a coffee in Notting hill for half an hour, came out and the march was still going past. This was the scene when we finally made it to the embassy.

Cities across the world become platform for hundreds of thousands of protesters against Gaza fighting Daily Mail (who put the crowd at 100,000)

Gaza protesters clash with police in London Telegraph

Violent Gaza protests reveal how gentle civilised Britain has changed into something very ugly indeed- Melanie Phillips

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