March 17, 2009


The other day I was speaking to a ten year old I last met when he was two or three. He said he wanted to be a soldier and fight the Taliban. This made me remember being ten. One of our teachers asked us to please stop writing war stories, as we all wrote war stories all the time and he wanted to read something different. Todays classrooms here and in Muslim countries. What effect is this media focus on our limited wars having on children and the ambitions they have? Are we breeding enemies? I may have been a bit gonzo some times, but if there was ever any reason I started filming it was the question- How do we avert this?



Gorilla Bananas said...

An alien visit to Earth would quickly put an end to human conflict. The religious zealots would go into a long period of soul searching and everyone else would be too worried, confused or excited.

DAVE BONES said...

They visit all the time but for some reason best known to themselves they are shy.