March 24, 2009


Really strange turn of events. I remember when I was first filming with Hamza et al they painted the MCB as enemies and government stooges. Now the MCB themselves are supposed to be extremists. Brian Whitaker makes some interesting points in The Guardian here, everyone is discussing on Pickled Politics here.

I don't really give a shit either way. MCB, JCB, PCP, whatever I just film people from time to time. I don't give a fuck about government money. Society is suffering because people don't talk to each other. Its really suffering. Talk to people.

I have been reading a lot about Nick Cohen says the left should "take a stance against" these people or some other person is "taking a stance" against Fingus McMuslim who says stuff I disagree with- I don't even understand what this means. I think these writers have a seriously overinflated idea about what the fuck effect "their stance" has on jibbering shit- probably because they are paid for writing stuff a lot of people who aren't tempted by extwemism read.

If I "Take a Stance" will it pwevent extwemism? Will it fuck. I am going to stick to just talking to people. It might make a difference, who knows?


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