March 05, 2009

Last day of Ecobuild

I passed through again, and got the hang of why I was there. Firstly who the hell is Leo Johnson? He had all the body language of ...Boris? and turned out to be his brother. All the entertainment and eloquence of his brother- but this Johnson actually knows what he is talking about. Most people in the room wonder how come this Johnson isn't London mayor. He totally wiped the floor with Nigel Lawson, a climate change skeptic who had likened all this "eco-ness" to a religion.

"You were the Sun god, the High Priest of Laissez faire capitalism".

He painted Lawson as part of the old economics, of times past. It was a gentle and good natured decimation, in front of an "on-side" audience who clapped at the end.

Michael Meacher, Tim Yeo, Hesletine, the whole day was fascinating, leading up to the guy from Grand Designs introducing the new Climate Change minister Joan Ruddock. I thought she was great. I had no idea she was my local MP.


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