March 02, 2009


Well that was eventful. Passed through Wembley on the way to the Islam4UK meet at the same time as the whole of Manchester and Tottenham converged on the place beer can in hand. We were herded over one side of the street and back, everyone singing at the top of their voices. As we tried to get through some Policemen on horseback rode their horses onto the pavement pushing people up against the glass of the shops. To us it was just like the London tribe in yellow jackets and blue helmets vs the Manchester tribe in Red.

Because I had a fairly well built monopod sticking out of my bag I got pulled out by one of the coppers.

"Whats this" etc.

I began to tell him and his friend started shouting at me- "If you just cut out the chat we can deal with this blah blah blah.."

You know, the guy just asked me a question and I was trying to answer it. The guy has exactly the same attitude as the football supporters he is coralling only if he decides to hit me over the head he gets away with it.

I am just too middle class for all this.

The bus was crazy. I suppose I was a bit irked by our experiences with the Police, but it just felt like the whole of wembley was about to kick off. We crawled past a pub which had obviously just been shut, with the manager outside arguing with drunk football suporters.

"Its OK. " I said to my friend who came with "We will be safe with all the fundamentalists soon."

We went past a huge Police station. "Copland avenue" said the recorded voice on the bus.

Bloody Surreal.

Anyway we got to the meeting, I bumped into Mr Waleed again which was nice as I haven't seen him in a while. Mr. Bakri turned up again over the phone. Just before we left I got to talk to Mr Choudhary about what we could concievably film in future. No one blew up, and no one gave us any hassle at all. I am going to write more about all this tomorow as I have loads of notes and some film I am going to put up.


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