March 28, 2009


I must admit that as much as I like Chris Knight and some of his real world anthropological theories I was pretty offended by the interview he gave Channel 4 News. He just looked like a sixty year old talking like a fucking teenager. I have serious things to protest about CAPITALISM. I am not getting sidetracked into any twatish focus on idiots who happen to turn up in uniform with truncheons. This isn't fucking Greece Chris. It isn't even France or Germany or Italy. As such I have to totally dissasociate myself from what Chris Knight has said here and say that his protest is nothing to do with me.

The Guardian add a bit more colour to the Chris Knight mindset which resides in a bubble apparently-

...Knight told the Guardian last night that he was doing everything possible to make sure there was no violence next week. He said he had set up the protest group with theatrical rather than violent aims.

"I'm doing everything possible to make sure that all the anger of the middle classes doesn't turn into violence. That's why we do all this play-acting. We're being nice to the bankers - we're burning them as effigies. Of course we don't want violence. If there's a huge ruck, the press will photograph it, and our vision about a different planet will not get reported."

He added: "But it's going to be hard. The message to police is 'if you press your nuclear button, I'll press mine'. It sounds like a threat? Well, yeah - don't do it. If you want violence, you'll get it.

"I know I'm in my own bubble. But in my bubble I'm predicting we'll have a velvet revolution in the next week or so ...The police, backed up by the army, will try to hold the ExCel centre. While they hold that, they will lose London. Then I think Gordon Brown will go...

and then what happens in your bubble Chris? Anarchy breaks out? Seriously, there is a journalist in front of you.

UPDATE: Nice to see the Police have someone equally as stupid talking to journalists

... senior commanders have insisted that they are "up for it, and up to it", should there be any trouble...


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