March 13, 2009


According to evidence heard at the high court during proceedings brought on behalf of Binyam Mohamed, an interrogation policy that subsequently led to detainees being tortured in Pakistan was devised by MI5 lawyers and figures in government. The Guardian has learned from other sources that the interrogation policy was directed at a high level in Whitehall, and that it has been further developed since Mohamed's detention in 2002.

Last year Manchester crown court heard that MI5 and Greater Manchester police passed questions to officers of Pakistan's notorious Inter-Services Intelligence directorate (ISI) to be put to Rangzieb Ahmed, 35, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, after he was detained in that country in August 2006. A judge later ruled that Ahmed was being illegally detained in inhumane conditions...


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Anonymous said...

Rangzieb Ahmed was the "Mr. A." that got Greater Manchester police into a pickle over Shiv Malik's book 'Leaving al Qaeda: Inside The Mind Of A British Jihadist.' about Hassan Butt.